Technology designed to remove the pain of managing marketing campaigns.


Get to market faster.

There’s a lot we can say about our Advertising Production Suite (APS) platform (and we will), but the short version is that it’s designed to make your life easier, so you can get to market more quickly. We remove the pain of managing marketing and promotional campaigns with smart automation and an easy-to-use platform.


A true end-to-end platform.

It stores all briefs, layouts, assets, campaigns, artwork, proofs and revisions, as well as integrating with your e-commerce and inventory platforms. With everyone working from a single system, it streamlines your workflow and connects every stakeholder, across product and design, suppliers to customers. Plug and play infrastructure backed by around-the-clock support removes the burden on your existing IT teams and technology. And with a focus on supporting both print and digital through dynamic modules, the platform can be scaled to suit the budget requirements of every company.


APS stores, manages and communicates all of your:

  • Product information
  • Offers
  • Briefs and layouts
  • Images and assets
  • Campaign material
  • Schedules and tasks
  • Proofs, revisions and annotations
  • Final artwork
“SBM’s advertising production suite (APS) has positively changed the way we manage our campaigns, images and overall production of our advertising material. The APS has enabled us to have better processes and reduce the duplication and time spent for our teams to upload and manage content in the system. It has also helped us condense our image management and job tracking into one platform.”

Andrew Hudson, Business Marketing Manager

– Rebel –



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