Translate your brand into compelling visual communications.


Effective Local Area Marketing with SBM

Connect your brand with your audience by driving enquiries and sales directly to your franchise with our effective local area marketing tool.

An online environment created to store and access pre-approved artwork templates, our LAM application allows you to edit and localise both print and digital content, which can then be executed locally, with efficiency and improved speed to market.

Our areas of expertise

  • Letterbox distribution
  • Printed collateral
  • In-store POS
  • Social media
  • Press advertising
  • Digital content
  • Merchandise
  • Signage

Ready for all

Pre-approved artwork templates are available online for a wide range of marketing collateral.

Variable data fields allow you to tailor your creative to suit your needs, while our distribution channels ensure your POS and LAM will be in market quickly, effectively and will be brand compliant.

9 ways

our online LAM solution can support your brand

1. Online hosted environment
Securely accessible from wherever you are, on any device.
2. Quick and effective content production
Pre-approved artwork templates are available online with pre-approved variable data fields.
3. Real-time preview of product customisation

See your customisation come to life as you’re creating it.

4. Print and digital based content
A wide range of content can be created for quick and easy customisation.
5. Customised workflow
Workflow management to tie directly into a press network for quick and easy check out of printed content.
6. Pre-approved templates ensure increased autonomy
Empower store managers / franchisees to create localised content.
7. Streamline processes for content creation and approval
Reduce interactions and requests between store managers and head office marketing.
8. Improved speed to market
Remove duplication, reduce artwork revisions which will streamline process.
9. Backend reporting
Backend report management engine, which provides detailed reporting on spend, usage and artwork trends.
SBM is an integral partner of OMF, who are invested and aligned with our business strategies and objectives. They play an important role on delivering those on each and every campaign.
Ian Vann

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