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Accolade Wines is one of the world’s largest wine companies by volume, with a global reach of more than 140 countries. One of its brands, St Hallett’s Winery, represents the spirit and soul of wine-making in the Barossa and has distinguished itself as one of Australia’s most respected wine brands.


Accolade Wines wanted to communicate with an audience that understands and appreciates its current and vintage range, at optimum times to maximise wine purchases. SBM offered both the technology and the strategy to reach as much of the target audience as possible for the brand, at the right times.



Project Details

Accolade Wines SBM
Marketing Automation
St Hallett has established a reputation for making wine with exceptional quality and character, and its wine club offers members exclusive benefits – from price discounts to seeing the winery in action, or receiving limited release wines.

In Easter of 2019, Accolade Wines it ran a campaign consisting of multiple emails sent out over a two-week period to increase sales and build awareness of the brand.

Accolade Wines was looking for new strategies to enhance its Easter Wine Club campaign for St Hallett , to increase sales and build awareness of the brand. SBM suggested integrating SMS, via the SBM technology platform TractionNext, as a secondary campaign element to complement its existing email marketing strategy. Including this additional element to the campaign gave a sense of urgency over the Easter long weekend.

TractionNext Marketing
The St Hallett Easter Wine Club campaign consisted of four emails sent out over a two-week period. An SMS campaign was launched two days after the final email reminder, targeting a South Australian customer base of around 7,000 people.

This multi-channel strategy aimed to drive traffic to the St Hallett website via email, while SMS was used to bring people to the cellar door, located in the heart of the Barossa Valley.

Of the 4,668 members who received the SMS, not one person opted out. The SMS campaign resulted in five times the number of orders compared to email, with an increase in gross sales of 374 per cent. It also generated a 191 per cent increase in website traffic, while attracting many customers to the St Hallett cellar door as foot traffic. Following the success of this SMS campaign for St Hallett, Accolade Wines is now looking to roll out similar multi-channel strategies across all its brands.
Accolade Wines marketing SBM
Accolade Wines marketing SBM

We were blown away by the results of the Easter Wine Club campaign. SBM exceeded our expectations and delivered a huge uptick in sales and foot traffic to our cellar door.

Melissa Ramsey
Wine Club Activations Coordinator
Accolade Wines


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