Digital catalogues offer customers shopping experience for customers, wherever they are.

MARTECH: Digital catalogues

Enhance your print marketing with digital catalogues.

Your customers are used to easy, interactive online shopping experiences. But there’s still a place for the catalogue, to let bargain-hunters know about the latest sales and show off your new product range. Our digital catalogue solution complements your print version and makes it easier for customers to shop with you in the moment.

We don’t use third-party aggregators but host it on your website, so you own the experience, traffic and data – and customers don’t have to jump through hoops and load new pages to buy from you.

MARTECH: Digital experience

Create an immersive customer experience.

You can create a deeply engaging experience that showcases your products up close, adds helpful content and integrates with your e-commerce platform for quick sales.

Our digital catalogues give you:

  • Add to cart functionality
  • Social sharing and reach
  • Personalised content based on user behaviour
  • Detailed data analytics
  • Mobile-first visuals
  • Haptic rotation and pinch-zoom
  • Automated alerts for missing products



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