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Marketing is a fundamental part of doing business. Without a solid marketing strategy and strong tactical execution your business cannot grow. It is how you tell the world that you exist and why the audience should buy your product or service. If what you offer is any good and there is a market for it, then it’s as simple as this: the more people you reach, the more you can sell.


Marketing starts with strategy. We workshop and consult with you to help define your goals, target audience, competitive positioning, channels & spend, amongst other things. Marketing backed by strategy gives you the best chance at serving ads to the right people, seeing qualified leads and maximising your Return on Investment.

Key Services
  • Strategy workshops
  • Competitor analysis
  • Market research 
  • Targeting and channels

SEO is all about increasing your appearance on Google. By now you’ve likely heard the term – every spammer ever wants you to do it with them. What if there were local professionals who could do it properly and affordably, all from an Australia-based office? Well, that’s where we come in – from packaged options to a bespoke SEO strategy, we’ve spent years getting it right.

Key Services
  • SEO strategy 
  • Keyword analysis
  • Content creation
  • Localisation
Paid advertising

Paid advertising consists of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) tools like Google AdWords and Facebook Ads, which can show up on Facebook or Instagram. These form the paid variants of the previous two services and can be extremely valuable in reaching audiences that would take a lot of time through organic means. Depending on your goals, paid advertising may be an integral part of your marketing strategy.

Key Services
  • Advertising strategy
  • Google AdWords 
  • Facebook ads
  • Instagram ads
Social Media

Your social media profiles provide huge opportunity to interact with the world in a way you otherwise wouldn’t, with some personality. You might argue that social media isn’t the right tool for your business. We would offer that any business can find value by having a strong presence on social media. It’s an extremely powerful brand marketing tool, and in some cases works wonders for lead generation too.

Key Services
  • Social strategy
  • Channel audits
  • Content creation 
  • Influencer strategy

SBM brings editorial production standards to our communications. The team generates ideas and writes high quality content that’s often picked up by target industry media. It also provides useful talking points for our sales team and dealer channel when meeting with potential customers.

Megan Duncan
Director of Marketing Australasia
Teletrac Navman



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