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These days, there’s no doubt that your website is a key feature and tool of your business. Even if you’re not selling online, people are going to look for you on the web! SBM and its strategic partners have experience providing website solutions including eCommerce integration for a wide range of industries with varying business goals. When it comes to this essential aspect of your business it is important to stand out.

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Responsive design

Responsive websites are essential with majority of users now on mobile. Every website that we build, from our simplest designs to the biggest and most complex, is mobile responsive. Layouts, images, and text all need to be optimised, often with custom rules written for different screen sizes.

Google friendly

A site designed by us is a site that knows how to talk to Google so you can maximise the value of all your google search leads. Our web design team is not only skilled in beautiful design but built from the ground up to hero your keywords and target demographics so Google can direct your customers to your products and services.

Smart & efficient

In an age of instant gratification, people can view your website for as little as a few seconds. That is where website design comes in. How do we capture the users attention in that time? We need to show users what they want, quickly, elegantly and credibly. Shine beyond your competitors so that potential customers don’t look anywhere else.

Timeless design

Everybody wants an on-trend website that looks the part. What we do is create websites that are not only beautiful, but timeless. While remaining highly functional, we create designs that ensures your website is built to stand out from the pack beyond tomorrow’s fashion fever and well into the future.


Give your customers what they want with an exceptional online shopping experience at every stage of the customer journey. SBM and our partners can design and build an eCommerce experience that your customers love. 

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