Alchemy is an Australian family business founded in 1997. They started as a market stall selling homemade cordials and today, they’re a manufacturer of naturally flavoured beverages. Alchemy have developed several ranges of products used in cafes, restaurants, bars, delicatessens and supermarkets.


SBM was briefed to create point of sale for cafes to entice customers to order Alchemy’s iced tea concentrate range at the counter. We did a photoshoot and captured the quintessential taste of summer through crisp photography and eye-catching colours that pop against a black background. These images were then used to created POS and print material. The text and imagery work together to highlight the benefits of choosing natural concentrates, the ease of stirring up a batch of iced tea during a busy cafe lunch rush and the delicious experience awaiting customers.



Alchemy SBM
Alchemy SBM
Alchemy SBM
Alchemy SBM
Alchemy SBM
Alchemy SBM
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