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OMF is Australia’s fastest growing mattress retailer. It has more than 43 stores across the country, with an extensive range of affordable mattress solutions.


OMF required a point-of-sale solution to promote pricing and priority features of its mattress range in stores that was cost-effective and easy to implement. 



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The power of Point of Sale.

As Australia’s fastest growing mattress retailer, OMF values in-store marketing opportunities across its 43 stores and is committed to brand continuity within each store in Australia.  OMF required a new point-of-sale (POS) solution to promote pricing and priority features of its mattress range in stores. Printing a completely new banner every time the pricing changed or a new campaign was activated wasn’t a cost-effective option when it came to paper use, delivery and logistics.

Prior to coming to SBM for a new solution, OMF was displaying posters advertising a mattress range and using a bulldog clip to attach pricing and bed sizes to the poster. The team knew they needed a better point-of-sale display for the brand and sought out the creative minds at SBM to help.


Creative thinking for retail.

OMF required SBM to design a poster solution that displayed all the features of the mattress, integrated with pricing, so the store looked on brand with its marketing and appeared neater and less cluttered. OMF frequently promotes different offers and messaging along with unique sale pricing to gain new customers and re-engage existing customers. The POS system needed to accommodate the marketing frequency and variety of promotions throughout the year without adding in excessive production or logistic costs that would stretch marketing budgets and potentially delay the campaign dates due to delivery.

SBM designed a solution for OMF to produce and print on-brand posters with an easily interchangeable pricing panel. This allowed OMF retailers to simply change the banner each time a new campaign was set to commence. The innovative poster system accommodated a blank section at the base of the poster so that the retail outlets could easily place pricing stickers onto the point-of-sale asset and update each campaign and messaging as required. The stickers were printed on a low tac adhesive vinyl that could be easily removed and interchanged without leaving residue. This then alleviated the need to repeat the entire process of creation, printing and delivery for each campaign.

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Retail and audience engagement.

While designing the new point-of-sale system, SBM found further advantages for OMF. OMF wanted the brand and retail space to be uncluttered and feel more spacious. The creative team transitioned the banners into hanging banners, allowing for the removal of the point-of-sale from the floor space. This meant messaging and pricing were out of the way from floor traffic and stock, but at the perfect viewing height to draw attention of customers . Additionally, a large QR code on the point-of-sale allows the customer direct access to that mattress on the OMF website for more information and specs – moving them through the consideration phase into conversion.

The flexible, cost-effective solution created for OMF also included an option to attach new promotional messages for each campaign, increasing the longevity of the printed collateral and allowing campaigns to be targeted at specific audiences and sales triggers.


OMF-digital campaign

“We have worked with SBM since 2018 and continue to be impressed with their ongoing commitment to customer service, innovation, and Point-of-Sale solutions, as well as their “can do” attitude. SBM is an integral partner of OMF, who are invested and aligned with our business strategies and objectives. They play an important role on each and every campaign.

It is important for us to align ourselves with partners who share our vision and deliver value. The team at SBM certainly do that and we look forward to our ongoing partnership playing a vital role in delivering our products into the bedrooms around Australia.”

Ian Vann, CEO

– OMF –


Point-of-sale success.

Reducing the creative and production cost for multiple campaigns has saved OMF over 70% on its marketing production, delivery and logistics costs for retail. This allowed the business to reinvest that budget into further marketing across other channels – boosting its omni channel marketing to reach a larger portion of their audience. In turn, this has provided OMF with greater ROI for its marketing and has driven sales for the brand. 


Reduced creative and production costs

Reducing production for marketing by over 70%.


Reduced delivery and logistics costs for retail


More marketing budget to invest further in other channels

Allowing a fully integrated and omni channel approach.

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