With over 470 Priceline and Priceline Pharmacy stores, Priceline is Australia’s leading pharmacy, health and beauty store. Their loyalty program, the Priceline Sister Club, is the largest Australian health and beauty loyalty program with over 7 million members.


After releasing a major health report, Priceline Pharmacy wanted to increase integrated healthcare from in-store relationships between customers and pharmacists to GP referrals. As part of this initiative, Priceline Pharmacy was looking to launch Care-a-van, a mobile health check on wheels that offers free health checks around Australia. They approached SBM to design their mobile Health Check activation in a way that would invoke curiosity and encourage patrons to start their Health Check journey. The designs produced utilised the Priceline wave motif to convey a sense of movement and ensured the familiar brand pink was at the forefront. The outputs included the Care-a-van vehicle wrap and accompanying signage.


Experiential design

Priceline Care-a-van SBM
Priceline Care-a-van SBM

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