With over 50 years of scientifically proven weight loss programs, WeightWatchers is a global company that inspire healthy habits through personalised plans such as food and lifestyle changes. Since 2018, WeightWatchers has transitioned their focus from weight loss to overall health and wellness, both physically and mentally.


For the launch of WeightWatchers’ Healthy Kitchen range of chilled ready-made meals in Woolworths, WeightWatchers wanted a refresh in design that fits within their brand guidelines. It needed to be easily recognisable for current WeightWatchers members, while still standing out for non-members who are in the decision-making process at the chilled section of the store.

SBM’s creative team developed the WeightWatchers’ Healthy Kitchen packaging with the distinctive visual language of WeightWatchers — Clean and bold colour palettes, typography, textures and imagery. The design of each ready-made meal has its own personality shown through colourways and cameo ingredients, while still maintaining as a cohesive set.


Weight Watchers SBM
Weight Watchers SBM
Weight Watchers SBM
Weight Watchers SBM
Weight Watchers packaging SBM
Weight Watchers packaging SBM
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